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Re: A few general questions from a Debian newbie

Kent West wrote:
>>3- OpenOffice 2 was recently added to Debian Unstable.
>>Is it likely that OpenOffice 2 will be added to
>>Debian Stable.  If so when?
> No. Stable does not get new packages, other than bug/security fixes and
> the like.

And that my friends, is Debian's biggest flaw when it comes to the
desktop user.  It's also why I'll never run stable

At least Ubuntu promises you won't have to wait more than 6 months for
the next stable release.

And there's Fedora Core, who's latest release has been out for several
months.  They added OpenOffice.org 2, to their  updates repository
shortly after it's release.

But then, Fedora has that nasty YUM stuff.  APT kicks the pants off of
it (at least in the speed department).

And that my friends is what brought me to Debian etch/sid.

Stay tuned...

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