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Cdrecord and linux 2.6.12

I thought I would give you guys the heads up about a problem I just
experienced, before anyone else wastes CDRs, or worse, looses data. I
upgraded to the 2.6.12 kernel last week, and every CD burned since then
has been a coaster.  Everything appeared to burn and fixate like normal,
without any errors whatsoever, however neither Linux or Windows is able to
read the CDs.  Essentially I lost a week's worth of backups due to this
error.  I'm not upset, I'm just glad I caught it before I assumed the
drive was bad.

Just a heads up.  No errors, except when the disk is read after burn,
something about reading past the end of the disk?  That was under linux.
Windows just flat refuses to recognize a CD in the drive.  Sorry, I lost
the error exact read error under linux.

CDs are burning fine since switching back to 2.6.6.

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