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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

On 9/24/05, Albert <albertwagner@cox.net> wrote:
> Thank you for an informative, but unnecessary, HOW-TO, though I
> don't know what 'basics' you think I should start with.  My
> primary working distro for several years has been LFS, and my
> 'Linux experience' has been delightful.  BTW, the Firefox and
> Thunderbird binaries are pretty much self-contained with no
> unusual dependencies.

Not trying to flame here, but it seems some of that was, and will
prove necessary if you're planning on using debian.
Maybe you're familiar with less if you've been using Linux, apt
however is debian specific, although it's been ported to other rpm
based distros, and even Fink on OS X uses it.
IMO (and many others) it's the best tool available for searching for,
and installing, packages (and their dependencies). Knowing it will
probably make your 'Debian GNU/Linux' experience even more delightful.

Chris Martin
Web Developer
Open Source & Web Standards Advocate

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