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Re: Newbie wants Firefox and Tbird

Paul Johnson wrote:
On Friday 23 September 2005 05:58 am, Albert wrote:

I am a new user of Debian.  My first task after system install is
to install Firefox and Tbird, preferably the latest 1.0.6 or
1.0.7.  It's a piece of cake to download and install these from
the mozilla site, but I have no idea how I might then wrap them
with an icon and to get them to show in the menus.

Here's a demonstration on how I find and install a package I'm not sure exists or what it's name is.

apt-cache search <keyword> | less

then, when I find the package I think is right, so I'll type

apt-cache show <package> | less

to see the package dependencies and description. Then, using su or logging in on another terminal, I'll

apt-get install <package>

(the | less means "send the output to the input of this other program called less", and less lets you scroll up and down when you have a lot of output and can also read text files.)

Do debian users not do this sort of thing?  If so, could someone point me
to the appropriate documentation?

Might want to start with the basics before you try pulling off installing something with a bunch of dependencies by hand; it'll just put you off the whole Linux experience.

Thank you for an informative, but unnecessary, HOW-TO, though I don't know what 'basics' you think I should start with. My primary working distro for several years has been LFS, and my 'Linux experience' has been delightful. BTW, the Firefox and Thunderbird binaries are pretty much self-contained with no unusual dependencies.

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