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Re: Debian Compatable UPS?

On 09/20/2005 04:16 pm, John Hasler wrote:
> Josh Battles writes:
> > I would think that a marine deep cycle would be better suited to the
> > task...
> Only if you expect to have a power failure every day.  Deep cycle batteries
> are designed to be deeply discharged with great frequency.  Car batteries
> are designed to frequently delivery large amounts of current and be either
> on float charge or disconnected most of the time.  The ideal is a standby
> power battery, but car batteries are close enough and readily available.
> Try to get one that you can add water to and check the electrolyte level
> regularly.  It'll last a lot longer.

I have an emergency power supply (it is not a UPS) that uses gel lead acid 
batteries, so I keep it indoors and don't worry about ventilation.  I use it 
a few times a year during storms and it can even power a computer, DSL 
router, monitor, etc. 

I would have bought a UPS for my computer but I don't know of any low cost UPS 
units that are compatible with Linux.

> Battery boxes should be plastic.

I have never seen a metal battery box.


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