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Re: Debian Compatable UPS?

Alvin Oga said:

> car battery ( $50 ) plus those $50 12v dc-dc atx adaptors would do nicely

I would think that a marine deep cycle would be better suited to the task,
but a generic car battery would definately be cheaper.

> and keep your car battery outdoors, not indoors ...
> and do not light a cigaratte near the car battery in a closed enviroment
> ka-koom

Why not just put the battery in a battery box?  You're going to need
something to protect it from the elements or to protect your house from it in
case of a leak.  If it's in a battery box (preferably metal) you can have it
anywhere and just vent the enclosure to the outdoors if you're that worried.

That being said, I've got an APC UPS that I "borrowed" from work.  They were
throwing it away because it needed new batteries so I took it home and
replaced the batteries.  I can get almost 4 hours of uptime for 2 computers
and my router off of it.  I think the batteries for it were about $150.

- Josh

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