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Printing via LAN fails

Following helpful advice here recently my LAN is now up and running. Now
I'm seeking to print remotely, i.e. from my laptop to the printer
attached to my desktop. Everything else is working (ssh, sftp). Both are
running Debian Sid.  I use lpd plus magicfilter for printing.

I can print files by copying them to the desktop and running lpr
remotely but I'd prefer to do it transparently.

I've made entries for the laptop in /etc/hosts.lpd on arcadia (desktop).

I've tried rlpr but it says it cannot connect to the desktop (arcadia)
and asks about /etc/hosts.lpd.

I also made /etc/printcap on the laptop, as follows:

# This file was generated by /usr/sbin/magicfilterconfig.

Attempts to print say "connection to arcadia is down".

Not sure what to try next. Should I install NFS (seems like over-kill)?
(I really don't want to use CUPS, btw.)

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