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Re: weirdest network problems of my ilfe [SOLVED]

Hey thanks for everyone's responses... i'm still not 100% sure what the problem ended up being, but this is what i did (this was thanks to some submissions on the list, #debian, and trial and error). The lowering of the MTU explanation made the most sense to me, but it didn't actually do anything differently. I messed around w/ many other settings and got ready to yell at my isp (but i really really hate talking to the customer support people). Anyway, someone recommended releasing my DHCP information and then getting another address. That didn't make a difference, but i figured since it was taking sooo long to tcptraceroute my way back to various places something had to be up w/ the DNS. My /etc/resolv.conf had the and xx.xx.3.65 (i can't remember the number exactly, just the last two octets). I heard someone tell me some of those routers are pretty screwy so i deleted the line w/ and tried tcptraceroute again... much faster this time, and then everything else worked too. Still not sure what exactly is up, because i had tried deleting that line before w/ no effect. But maybe it really was necessary to release my dhcp lease also (i don't understand why that would make a difference... could someone explain why? or am i just confused?). Anyway, it's nice that everything's working again.

Cameron Matheson

P.S. Yesterday i was trying to figure out why the windoze boxen would work when the linux boxen wouldn't (they also have as one of their dns servers). The only thing i could think of is i thought at one time i had heard that windows boxen alternate which dns server they use every time they send out a request, whereas Linux tries to always use the primary. Is that plausible?

cameron.matheson@flyingjcomm.com wrote:


Ok after installing the new router that came w/ my dsl i'm having the most
mind-boggling internet problems of my life.  Here's some background on my

                              +----Linux box
                              |----Linux laptop (wireless)
Wireless/Wired Router/Modem----+----Windows box #1
                              |----Windows laptop
                              +----Windows laptop (wireless)

Ok, so first off... all of my family's windows boxes are working fine. Everything is just normal. The linux boxen however, have problems. Internet generally works (although some sites (slashdot, gmail, etc) won't
load in firefox (for some reason they will in links).  I can't connect to
yahoo/jabber/msn/etc w/ gaim, but i can w/ centericq.  I've been trying to
figure out all this for forever and so i tried to tcptraceroute my way to
messenger.hotmail.com as an experiment (on port 1863 or whatever it was). It took a while, but the route was traced. The funny thing is that if i start tracing the route, and then start up gaim, i connect just fine. same goes for the sites that didn't load up in my browser... I can't
figure out why everything works on the windows, but not on my linux boxen.
the network stuff is all assigned by the router (dhcp).  What should i

Cameron Matheson

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