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Re: adventures with window managers

Cybe R. Wizard on 14/09/05 13:38, wrote:
IceWM can do that.  (but multiple desktops are /so/ cool!)

I think you'd be happy with IceWM as it is configurable to do most of
what you want so far.  In addition you'll need Iceconf or Icepref for

Thanks for those tips. Got most of it configured at least in enlightenment.

So I just tried icewm.

I came unstuck pretty quickly. Firstly it didn't really like gnome and took about 3 mins to start up instead of 5 secs. I think it has something to do with the gnome-session although it's difficult to tell. Some other window managers have the same problem.

Once icewm was running, I tried configuring it.

I didn't get a list of fonts to choose from. Shouldn't there be a drop-down font list in iceconf?

I'm not sure about the icewm panel. It looked like it had a fixed set of applets, and there are a few more I like, such as the keyboard locale chooser, program launchers, volume control etc which icewm doesn't appear to have.

The program switcher panel which comes up when pressing alt-tab is good, but I know there's an even better one out there where they are listed vertically. Can this be changed for another program-switcher module in icewm?

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