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Re: Help!

On Sat, 2005-09-10 at 08:39 -0500, Michael Martinell wrote:

> I see heavy sarcasm is lost on you - maybe you do let the tv think for you
> after all?  

Please have your TV read my reply below.

> Most software is easy and can be figured out by the casual end
> user.  The point here is the OS.  The differences are extreme.
> My point (however lost it was):Being a system administrator is not for the
> lazy.  If it is your hobby and you are enthusiastic about the hobby you will
> still read the documentation.  The only person who will not at least read the
> quick start guide (there is one and it is 10 pages long) is the person who has
> no business installing an OS to begin with.
> The only "easy" OS install I have ever done was with the microsoft answer
> file, where I created an answer file on a floppy put in the disk and let it
> install, with every question and setup taken care of by my pre-planning.  Of
> course I had to read the documentation to do that . . . .
> I do wish that debian had such a utility though, it would be the ultimate in
> simplicity.  You could just download a generic answer file from Debian for
> your x86 platform and an hour later the system would be done.

Quickstart guide:

google: automatic debian install -> [i'm feeling lucky]

You didn't miss this out of lazyness, did you? ;o)


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