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Re: Help!

steef wrote:

......nice little discussion. maybe some of you noticed that debian_sarge too with the new installer went wide away from the 'linux-way' that is 'treating/educating' people: 'users' as/into thinking entities.

just compare the installation of potato with the installation of sarge. this difference i consider as a creeping evil of consumentism with the ultimate game of 'making things easier'. this is of course nonsense, because it makes people dependent on the increasingly undemocratic decisions of the developers: it is the old question of craving for power. a curse i think.

installing potato was education in itself. woody was easier but still reminded me of being a thinking being. installing sarge stops the mind: annoying; but sarge gives all the choices i want: so is still a true linux-choice.

my two cents 'for what they are worth', as we say here in my farmer's region.

and, yeah, some of the questions put on this list are dumb: but tell me honestly: which of you has never been dumb/lazy him/herself before?? just tell them they are lazy and see how they react. maybe they only need to wake up.

Ok, I admit it: I'm lazy. I have installed various versions of Linux enough times to become "lazy" about it. To be perfectly honest, it's boring. Maybe I'll learn a little something new, but having to go through all the steps of setting up my system "the way I had it before" gets tedious. I'm not going to disagree with your philosophy, but personally I'd love to have something "easy" with nice defaults, that I can accept and grow accustom to. Because I've become increasingly more likely to just use the set defaults so I don't have to remember everything if I want to reinstall.

And guess what? I chose Debian because it's easier. Maybe it sounds crazy to the inexperienced, but all of you should know what I'm talking about. If you've ever used a distro like Fedora, and tried to upgrade beyond 2 or 3 years, you'd also know how much easier Debian is.

But wait! Doesn't that mean that Debian makes you lazier? Debian's package management and upgrade path is so much nicer and easier than anything else out there. You don't have to even have to find the pre-compiled binaries to install, you can just apt-get them.

I think Debian DOES make things easier, but it chooses those things based upon its current user and developer wants and abilities. So I don't think it's a matter of "educational value" to use Debian. If it were, why bother? There are much more difficult and educating ways to get Linux or UNIX on your computer. You can do an LFS, or use SourceMage (note: I have no experience with sourcemage so I don't know what I'm talking about!), etc.


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