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Re: How to setup a ftp/http server to enable network install in a lan?

Liu Zhen wrote:
> I have several server to administrate, and I'm expected to administrate
> more servers in the recent future.
> I want to install debian3.1_r0a-ia64 to these servers.
> I have downloaded cd ISOs from debian, and placed these ISOs on a http/ftp
> server in my lan.
> I can boot a server using debian's boot floppy disk, the server can get an
> ip address from dhcp server in my LAN, and the installation process
> proceeds normally until I'm asked to provide an IP address and a path to
> continue the install.
> I want to use the ISOs in my LAN to continue the install, but I can not
> figure out how to setup a correct http/ftp path to enable the install.
> Does anybody know how to setup a http/ftp server to enable a install in
> LAN? Thank you.

The ISO are not for http/ftp install but are for burning CDs/DVDs. If you do 
not want to download again and your webserver runs
linux: you can loop mount the file for a start
windows: there are programs that can make a drive letter from an image file 


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