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Re: call for a vote -- should debian-user mailing list replies go to author or to list?

Michelle Konzack wrote:

Am 2005-08-25 04:28:42, schrieb Wulfy:

When I get a personal e-mail from someone, I expect the Reply-To button to reply to them. When I get an e-mail from a *list* I expect the Reply-To button to reply to the *list* as that is where the e-mail came

Look in the Header and yoiu will see the E-Mail of the Poster.
So you are wrong.
If I look in the Header I see a lot of entries... the point is that what happens is not what I expect.

from. Every other list I am a member of, including Yahoo Groups,

EGroups, YahooGroups... are sick !!!
Are all the University lists also sick?

SmartGroups and various academic lists do that. They work as expected.

Should I post my Maildir-Entries ?

I am on 136 Mailinglists and ONLY around 10 using the Reply-To.
Bully for you.  And your point is?

It is only Debian lists that have this strange fetish of demanding replies to the list and yet sending them to individuals.

Not right, because *@lists.php.net, pgsql-*@postgresql.org,
exim-*@exim.org, mutt-*@mutt.org, fetchmail-users, courier-users
and many others using the "L".
I am on none of those lists. I don't use fetchmail, courier or any of the others you imply. Again, your point is?

Just because Mutt has a button Reply-To-Lists doesn't mean every client has to.

Maybe you should update your MUA?
If you had been keeping up with this thread, you would have known it has developed from this initial e-mail that I sent. Perhaps your client is too slow?





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