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Re: Can't locate Apache2.pm in @INC

Nicos Gollan wrote:

On Monday August 1 2005 19:01, Paul Scott wrote:
Unfortunately the next problem is that the script I'm working on just
begins with the usual:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

and the browser (Firefox) still displays the script instead of executing
it. The script works fine on the web server that is hosting the sight.

Make sure you set up the handler for the file type properly and named the file accordingly. I don't know how much experience you have with the mod_perl stuff, but you'll properly be best off if you read and understand the short introduction which handles server setup and a basic script:

That moves pretty fast without enough explanation. I am reading other Apache2 docs now. The Apache 1.3 sample config file contained examples which were very close to what was needed to just run Perl scripts from ~user/public_html/*/cgi-bin which is all I need to do. The sample apache2 config file didn't seem to.

I guess I have it now! I am getting Perl error messages showing my recent Perl coding mistakes.

Thanks for your patience,


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