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Re: lm_sensors in 2.6.12

phyrster on 31/07/05 11:45, wrote:
On 19:38 Sat 30 Jul 2005, Adam Hardy wrote:

When I installed the new kernel with the debian package, I configured it with make xconfig, but I didn't see any choices for i2c_i801 in the i2c section. Now I see it, but it is greyed out and I cannot select it.

Not sure what's wrong. try 'make menuconfig' and see what this module depends on.

I can't even see the i2c_i801 option in make menuconfig!

I don't understand why it should be greyed out in xconfig and totally absent in menuconfig. It is as if it were now deprecated.

There was no problem in 2.6.8, but the difference there was that I downloaded the kernel from www.kernel.org, but now I downloaded the debian package for 2.6.12.

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