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Re: Can't locate Apache2.pm in @INC

Nicos Gollan wrote:

On Sunday July 31 2005 16:36, Paul Scott wrote:
I presumably can follow the instructions below but I am running sid and
have the latest packages.  I just installed the new libapache2-mod-perl2
that showed up after I sent my first post and it is still broken.  What
updated packages are you referring to?  I have no non-Debian code that
uses mod-perl.

Due to the renaming, some packages that are using mod_perl2 might have some problems. Mason is one case where it took some time for a working version to get into sid. If you're using any handlers that might cause a problem, disable them one by one to find the problem.

Here's the description of the problem along with some advice on how to fix
your own code:
I had seen that and will reread it but was wondering if there was a
Debian package solution.

If you're getting the message when starting Apache, you'll have to check /etc/apache2 for some file trying to load the module. If you have a link /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/perl.conf, delete it or just remove the line "use Apache2;" if you changed it yourself. It was part of the older mod_perl2 releases which required the module to be loaded to redirect the Apache namespace. If there's nothing in in anymore, you can also delete the linked file at /etc/apache2/mods-available/perl.conf.
Excellent!  I'm sure I would have figured that would fix it.  Now the
Can't locate Apache2.pm in @INC
error message is gone and I get when restarting apache2:

mod_perl/2.0.1 Perl/v5.8.7 configured -- resuming normal operations

Unfortunately the next problem is that the script I'm working on just begins with the usual:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

and the browser (Firefox) still displays the script instead of executing it. The script works fine on the web server that is hosting the sight.



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