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Re: Help me Please: I've Gone and Done Some Thing Really Stupid.

Kent West wrote:

>David R. Litwin wrote:
>>So, when I execute apt-get install kdebase, it gives a whole whack of
>>packages saying that kde can not be installed because it depends on
>>that list: none of which will be installed. Then, it gives an E:
>>Broken packages.
Oh, I missed the "Broken packages" part. If "aptitude update" (or
"apt-get update") doesn't fix the broken packages error, that means the
packages available from your sources are in a bad state. I'd trim my
"/etc/apt/sources.list" file down to the official Debian repositories
(that is, get rid of the Alioth sources, etc). Once you have a working
system again, you can try the Alioth way again.


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