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Help me Please: I've Gone and Done Some Thing Really Stupid.

My Debian was being evil and wouldn't load due to some mouse troubles
(which I really need to fix; but that comes later) and so I tried to
apt-get my way out of the situation (It would but up and start X
(KDE), but this resulted in no gui: only command line. So I apt-got
from there). It asked me to download some thing that would get rid of
171 things. In a Momentary Lapse of Reason (I've had very little
sleep), I pushed yes.

It turns out that those 171 things was KDE.

I have no KDE, my Gnome will not work (for some reason) and I forget
the apt-get install code for KDE 3.4.1.

I went in to Aptitude (which I think I hate) and it may have said that
I still had some of the files: but that may be a lie.

Please help. I HATE windows!

Thank you Kindly in advance.
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