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Re: ntfs access on debian

On Sunday 03 July 2005 23.49, Leonardo Sá wrote:
> I want to have a partition to access both on winxp and debian, however,
> i want it to be easy to use on both OSes. What I did was to format a
> NTFS partition, which i successfully mounted on winxp on the "my
> documents" folder, and I was planning to mount the same partition under
> "/home/user". However, is it safe to enable write access to ntfs
> partitions on linux? If not, is there any other better alternatives?

I had all my documents on FAT32 partitions for a long time until I 
realized I was never using Windows anymore. I also wanted larger files 
than FAT32 allow, and the ability to set file permissions that Linux can 

I am not sure about write-enabled ntfs partitions under Linux. Most people 
say it is unreliable and that it will never be reliable, but I'm not sure 
if people base that on real experience or just hearing other people say 

Olle Eriksson
mail@olle-eriksson.com | http://www.olle-eriksson.com

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