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Re: Is Kernel-source-2.6.8 package updated or not?

Hi and thanks for aswering...

> You are correct that the kernel-source has not yet been updated.  Don't
> forget that Debian has to coordinate the build and simulataneous release
> of lots of kernel-image-* packages.  Even with that, serious and
> critical vulnerabilities (of which the one you cite is not) are dealt
> with swiftly.

Yes, I know that, but I saw that situation (kernel-source not updated)
and I didnt know if always was the same... but you tell me that it is
mantained and that's ok for me. You had cleared my doubt about this,
so I thank you very much.

> That would be a Bad Idea(TM).  Kernels shipping from kernel.org are
> never patched for security.  They simply release new versions.  Thus, if
> kernel x.y.z works for you and some critical vulnerability is announced,
> you will have to upgrade to kernel x.y.z+1.  the reason for that is
> becuase kernel.org does not directly support end users.  It is primarily
> a source for distribution packagers and maintainers to obtain sources
> from which to build distribution-specific kernels.

Ok, I didnt know that... :)

Thanks again and sorry my ogly english :)

Martin C.

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