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Need help with exim4 SMTP Auth (I think)

I've suddenly started getting 550 errors when I attempt to send mail from
my Sarge desktop host. I read my mail with mutt and run exim4. I got started
with exim3 when it was default MTA for Debian and followed along as Debian
moved to exim4. The error message that comes back to me when delivery fails
suggests the I have not turned on SMTP Authentication in my email client,
and this is very likely since I have no recollection of having ever dealt
with SMTP Authentication whatsoever. Is this an issue, or should this be
on by default in Debian? Where can I get info. on how to resolve this?
I haven't found anything that looks like SMTP Authentication in the exim4
documentation on my machine. Is it a new feature? Or does exim4 refer to
it by a different name?

Please help.

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