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Re: Need help with exim4 SMTP Auth (I think)

pecondon@mesanetworks.net(pecondon@mesanetworks.net) is reported to have said:
> I've suddenly started getting 550 errors when I attempt to send mail from
> my Sarge desktop host. I read my mail with mutt and run exim4. I got started
> with exim3 when it was default MTA for Debian and followed along as Debian
> moved to exim4. The error message that comes back to me when delivery fails
> suggests the I have not turned on SMTP Authentication in my email client,
> and this is very likely since I have no recollection of having ever dealt
> with SMTP Authentication whatsoever. Is this an issue, or should this be
> on by default in Debian? Where can I get info. on how to resolve this?
> I haven't found anything that looks like SMTP Authentication in the exim4
> documentation on my machine. Is it a new feature? Or does exim4 refer to
> it by a different name?

If you are using the 'one big conf file' exim4.conf.template, check if you have TLS
enabled.  Even tho the docs tell how to enable it, I found that it was
enabled by default.  As my ISP does not use TLS, I had to comment out
all the TLS lines before I could send mail when I installed exim4.

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