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Re: uninstall PHP5.

On Sunday 03 Jul 2005 20:11, Prabu Subroto wrote:
> I am debian newbie.
> I installed PHP5. I download it from www.php.net and installed it with
> this way:
> ./configure
> make
> make install.

Sorry, I've never install php5 manually, so I'm not sure how to undo it.  One 
way might be the folllowing.  Either way, this will help a lot if you're ever 
forced to do something similar in future:

Install the checkinstall package, and use it along with non-debian software 
like so:

checkinstall make install

Checkinstall overrides the normal install procedure, and builds and installs 
debian package instead.  When you decide you no longer want to have the 
package installed, you can just remove it like any other debian package.

If you try it with php5, it might give you errors about the files it wants to 
install already existing.  But it may create the debian package anyway, and 
it may even install it.  If it installs, then uninstalling (actually, 
purging; check the dpkg options)  it will hopefully clean your system.  If 
not, you'll still be closer to fixing it, since the debian package will 
contain a list of files that php5 installed earlier.

Hope it helps.  Good luck :)

Lee Braiden

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