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Re: Firefox no print issue

>>What's next?

> Almut Behrens wrote:

Personally, I'd make Firefox "print to file", and then take a closer
look at the resulting PostScript file.  First thing to check is whether
you can view that file using gs or gv.  In case that works, the problem
might be with some incorrect device specific settings embedded in the
file that your printer chokes on (look for stuff in the vicinity of the
PS command 'setpagedevice').

Did "Print to file".

GGV as viewer; file looks correct. In GGV Preferences -> Printing -> Print command: /usr/bin/lpr. When go to File -> Print document, get the same output on paper.

gv as viewer; file looks correct. Print Command: lpr. Get the same output on paper.

In neither viewer can I see any "code" or "command". But, see reply to your next paragraph.

In your original mail you said you get a PS error on the first page.
What is it saying?  As usual, the exact wording might help to generate
useful hypotheses about what the problem is ;)
In case gs should also print an error message, then that would be
interesting too, of course (it's usually more verbose/helpful than what
a printer spits out...).

No matter what I do, this prints on the first page. Each line starts at the end of the previous one (meaning they're staggered).

<</HWResolution[600 600]>>setpagedevice
%%Pages: (atend)

No error message shows anywhere except as printer output.

This is the only place I've seen the "setpagedevice" you mentioned.

Now, no app can print, even test pages.


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