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Re: Logitech QuickCam Express - /dev/video: No such device

Vincent Lefevre wrote:

This page mentions 046d:0920, but as said on


Ah yes I forgot about the multitude of IDs and chip sets. I checked again and mine is 046d:0840, so they aren't the same driver *or* camera (except for the name). The link I gave also mentions the new web page for the qce-ga driver: http://qce-ga.sourceforge.net/, where it notes that the 920 and 921 are not supported. All this illustrates my original problem, which makes me want to perform a functional test on my "Quick"cam with a baseball bat (since it's about the right size :)

<snip> I wonder if binary
packages for such kernel modules could be built each time an
official kernel-image-* package is built.

I still don't understand the problem with either driver. Are they being kept out of the kernel due to "IP" issues? Is it related to the Phillips webcam driver developer who quit over IP-related issues?

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