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Re: Linux newbie questions

On Monday April 18 2005 7:01 pm, James C. Hall, MD wrote:

> I'm a rank newbie in all things Linux. I chose the Debian distro
> after reading an article by Will Smith in Maximum PC magazine (Feb.
> 2005) which recommended this distro (specifically Sarge) -
> primarily for the package management and apt-get ability.

Woot!  Go Maximum PC!

> Installation went quite smoothly, but I found downloading the ISO 
> files directly was much faster than using jigdo. I made the first 8 
> CD's.  

Well, depends on the mirrors used for both.

> Also, I'm trying to get a USB MP3 player to be accessed. I plugged
> in my Nomad MuVo, power came on, but nothing started up or was
> declared as a new device.

If you watched the syslog, I bet you would have found the MuVo was 
detected by the kernel.  Programs don't just start up randomly when 
Device X gets plugged in (thank God, I don't mind if the device is 
detected for me, but don't start a program just because I plug 
something in...).

> I appreciate any help or direction on where to find it.

I believe ThinkGeek has details about the MuVo (IIRC, they sold it, 
and I badgered them to include a link to how to use it back when I 
was considering getting one).

Paul Johnson
Email and Instant Messenger (Jabber): baloo@ursine.ca

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