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Re: Off-Topic: Connection between martial arts and F/OS Software (was: Re: Karate)

On 2005-04-16, Rogério Brito penned:
> On Apr 15 2005, Clive Menzies wrote:
>> On (15/04/05 17:55), Bob Alexander wrote:
>> > Bob 1st Dan - Wado Ryu - Karate
>> Is there perhaps a correlation between interest in martial arts and
>> Debian?
>> Regards
>> Clive 1st Deg - Wu Shu Kwan - Chinese Kick-Boxing
> I don't know, but I am also interested in martial arts, if that
> serves as a data point.

Not sure where this thread started, but I was a first degree in TKD
and well on my way to second before I even heard of linux ... and I'd
had my second for a few years before I tried Debian ...


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