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Re: Problems with Debian 3.0 when trying to install on an ASUS av8 motherboard with an ATI x800 graphics card

On (16/04/05 11:33), Richard Pullicino wrote:
> Hi all!
> Thanks for the suggestion. I managed to install sid-amd64-netinst.iso
> and all my network device and sata hard disk were recognised. So 3/4
> of the problem has been solved.
> However i have a problem with starting x. When i type xfree86 it tells
> me that its an unknown command. At the moment therefore i only have
> command line available with no desktop manager. I have updated the
> packages using dselect but to no avail.
> Can anyone please help me ? I am feeling a little frustrated at the
> moment knowing that i am so close but yet so far from using debian
> sarge.
Hi Richard

from the command line type in $ startx

If that produces nothing then you need to install x-window-system-core
and something like kdebase or gnome.  I used to use kde but have
switched to xfce4.2.  If you want to use a graphical login (as opposed
to a command prompt) install one of: xdm, kdm, gdm.  If you go for kde,
I would suggest kdm.

Having installed the X components, try startx again.  If it doesn't worl
then you need to look at:


Lines starting with (EE) will highlight what is not configured properly.
As root do:
# dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 

and reconfigure the offending item.

$ lspci will give you some information about your graphics card which
will be useful when configuring.

FWIW I use aptitude but you will find views vary as to which apt front
end is best.



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