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Problems with Debian 3.0 when trying to install on an ASUS av8 motherboard with an ATI x800 graphics card

I am a linux newbie and i decided to start with debian (following
suggestions from my friends and colleagues) However when i tried to
install on a sata hard disk it requested me to install certain modules
from floppy so that it can use the hard disk. I tried to see if there
were any sata modules for linux on the mobo cd but to no avail. Next i
tried to download some but again didnt find any.

When i tried to get the updates through network it couldn't find my
network device (which is inbuilt) thus i couldn't get updates directly
from the Internet.

After this failed i decided to try and use an IDE hard disk.
Installation went flawlessly but then X wouldn't start. It seems that
X and certain cards from ATI aren't that compatible.

Thus i cannot use Debian at all. Here is a summary of the fore
mentioned problems
1) Cannot find module to use my sata hard disk (for asus av8)
2) Network device isn't being found by debian
3) X will not load properly

Thank you for your help!

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