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Re: A question about /srv partition

> >On top of that, I recommend using the XFS filesystem on top of that. It
> >can be resized online. On one machine I made the mistake of using ext3
> >on logical volumes. It always seems you need to resize a partition when
> >you're in the middle of something. Having to take the machine down to
> >single user mode to resize a partition is quite annoying.
> >
> Note.  You should never use XFS (or JFS or others of that class of
> journaling file system, which I believe are meta data journaling) unless
> the machine is connected to an UPS.  ...

Huh?  One of the main strengths of journaling filesystems 
is that they do recover from poor shutdown better... the 
journal ensures that the directory and allocation structures
can always be rolled back to a valid state.  That's why they
don't need a full fsck after a machine goes down hard.

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