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Re: A question about /srv partition

> There is a new directory introduced in Debian Sarge, /srv. What would
> be your suggestion about how much disk space to be allocated for it as
> a separate partition, if it's necessary to do so? My install would
> include services like CVS, HTTP, Samba, etc.. If no separate /srv
> partition is allocated, will a 500MB / suffice?

I don't see how anyone here can answer that question.  The answer is, how
much data are you serving up from those services?  That's how much space
you need.

The root of my ftp server is in /srv/ftp, but I don't have any data stored
there at all.  The files that I offer by ftp are all stored elsewhere, and
I remount them under /srv/ftp using mount's 'bind' option.

> Of course, I have 
> /boot, /home, /opt, /tmp, /usr, /usr/local, /var all on their own
> partitions.

Of course?  Wow, that is a lot of partitions.  Do you find yourself having
to repartition a lot?

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