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Re: thunderbird: set default browser, file types for attachnents, ...

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Matthew Exon wrote on 25.03.2005 16:24:
| Roman Stöckl-Schmidt wrote:
|> Well dear Matthew, if only you WOULD configure the software to do what
|> you want it to (if even be GUI).
|> In firefox 1.0 just goto Edit -> Preferences -> choose the "downloads"
|> part and check "ask where to save a file every time", the exact
|> directive names may differ because I'm using a German version and just
|> guessing what the names are in the "original"
| True.  Is that the default?
Seems so, at least I remember having to change it initially to.

| Oddly enough, it was set up to save files to the desktop, but in fact it
| was saving them to my home directory.  Which is possibly due to some
| random other setting somewhere in my configuration too...
I can only agree, this behavior i indeed odd. But I think that when it
says "desktop" they actually mean ~ 'cause I remember that it saved
files to my ~ to.

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