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Re: (OT) Re: GNOME is f*cked seven ways from Sunday

on Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 05:51:28PM -0600, Nate Bargmann (n0nb@networksplus.net) wrote:
> * Nicos Gollan <gtdev@spearhead.de> [2005 Feb 09 11:02 -0600]:
> > But for one feature alone, I'd give KDE the preference over GTK/GNOME anytime: 
> > the file chooser dialogue and how it came to pass. For eons now, GNOME has 
> > tried to build Their Own Thing, with more than questionable results. It is -- 
> > IMO -- a display of the general ignorance and arrogance of the development 
> > team and community which had just one of its many high-points in this 
> > article:
> You can say that again!  The latest GTK file chooser used by the later
> Firefox nightlies and The Gimp 2.2  is pure junk.  No command line in 
> sight and no way to specify hidden directories.  

...and no way to navigate to parent.  Pisser.

My preferred mode in Galeon to open various non-HTML filetypes is to
extract the URL (parsing javascript, download dialogs, etc., to do so if
necessary), open a terminal, wget the file, and run my preferred app.

Generally something like:

    cd /tmp; wget -O <output spec> '<url>'; <cmd> <output spec>; exit

...which is surprisingly much easier to do than fsck with various broken
download dialogs and MIME handlers.

> What deranged sadists came up with this crap?

Jeff Waugh?



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