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(OT) Re: GNOME is f*cked seven ways from Sunday

On Wednesday February 9 2005 05:52, Karsten M. Self wrote:
> Konq is IMO far better scoped.
> Sure:  it does more than just browse files, or surf the web.  I see it
> as "information portal" rather than "file manager" or "web browser".  If
> what I want to do is view / hear content, whether it's local to my
> filesystem, remote on a Website, or in the help system(s), Konq will get
> you there.

As I understand it, Konqueror is by now somewhat mislabeled. What it has 
become is a frontend for KIOSlaves that provide interfaces to web browsing, 
file management, manpages and many other things. In some way, it has become 
almost frightening similar to Microsoft's Explorer.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like parts of it. The manpage display is great (it 
even has tab-completion), it is useable as a frontend to DAV shares and due 
to the preview features serves rather well to weed out old crap from 
medium-sized directories. It is bloated, like the rest of KDE is.

                            <-- RANT MODE ON -->
(There might be minor non-sequiturs ahead. Please bear with me, I'm just 
getting rid of a flu, and my brain is still in mush-mode...)

But for one feature alone, I'd give KDE the preference over GTK/GNOME anytime: 
the file chooser dialogue and how it came to pass. For eons now, GNOME has 
tried to build Their Own Thing, with more than questionable results. It is -- 
IMO -- a display of the general ignorance and arrogance of the development 
team and community which had just one of its many high-points in this 


I'll quote one key phrase: "What is the real cause of all these attacks on the 
spatial Nautilius? In my opinion, it is just bad file organisation coupled 
with a bunch of old bad habits."

As I read it, the author accuses those who don't like spatial Nautilus as 
being too disorganized or downright dumb to use it. Brilliant.

                            <-- RANT MODE OFF -->

For everything else, there's always Konsole running on desktop one. I don't 
know who said it, but "a graphical desktop is a high-resolution graphical 
screen and a dozen xterms."

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