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Re: New Sarge install

On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 12:14:40PM +0100, Hannes Mayer wrote:
> BTW, I haven't seen any answer to my Q as of yesterday - maybe you
> know the answer: The current sarge (25-JAN-2005) didn't have the
> option "desktop environment" in tasksel, but the version as of
> 17-JAN-2005 still had. Is this due a broken package as it happened
> once last year (found this on google) ?
> I hope this was just an accident, since installing X and GNOME
> afterwards was rather painful and I didn't have the graphical login
> (but 17-JAN-2005 worked very well).
> Thanks & best regards,
> Hannes.
Hi Hannes,

'testing' (sarge) is used for testing things before the distribution is
released as stable. And one of the things that happens in testing is
that packages are added and packages are removed based upon the presence
and absense of dependencies. Tasksel (task selection) is a frontend to
install various meta-packages. If the packages that 'desktop' depends
upon was not
present when 'tasksel' was built, I assume that they would leave it out.
And when the ISO images are built again, if everything is ok, tasksel
will have the desktop option. Are you familiar with meta-packages. Of
note are: x-window-system, x-window-system-core, kde, gnome, and
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