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Re: New Sarge install

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 12:18:32 -0700, Tom Connolly <tomc@cqg.com> wrote:
> Hello list, 
> I am new to Linux and have some questions about a new install of Sarge.  I
> come from FreeBSD so I do have some familiarity with Unix operating systems
> (Unix-like in the case of Linux).  I am currently downloading all the ISO's
> of the "testing" branch via Jigsaw Download.  I believe there is 14 disks in
> all.  The questions I have are: 

If you just want a desktop environment disc 1 should be sufficient,
probably you'll need disc 2 if you have some special requirements. If
you need further stuff, just use "apt-get install packagename"

> The "testing" branch should give me Sarge correct? 


> Does Sarge come with the 2.4 kernel or 2.6?  I couldn't get a definitive
> answer to this question on the web. 

Default is 2.4, but you can install 2.6 afterwards.

> If so, does the distro provide a fairly painless upgrade path to 2.6, i.e.
> is there a 2.6 package? 

yes, painless at least here.

> Are there any "gotchas" with the install that I should be aware of?  I am
> installing a dual boot with FreeBSD on a Dell Latitude C600 laptop. 

Sorry, no experience with a dual boot scenario here.

> Why are there 14 disks in the Sarge distro and only 7 in the Woody distro? 
> What are the extra disks for?

All the 12000+ packages.

> I have been able to find some very helpful information via Google with
> regards to Debian, installation, packages, etc but the above questions are
> still lingering.  Your help is appreciated. 

Best regards,

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