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Re: Spamassassin problems

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 16:10:57 -0700
Mike <stuff@dustsmoke.com> wrote:

> > Mike, I'm having a few problems since the upgrade too, but
> > things are getting better.  I'm not getting a "ton" of spam -
> > Just a couple a day getting through that didn't previously with
> > v2.64.  Check out the Spamassassin Archives (search trusted
> > networks for starters), the SpamAssassin Wiki, and then post
> > your question(s) to the Spamassassin users mail list.  I would
> > offer to help you myself, but I barely understand my own config!
> >  ;-)  John
> >
> >
> Thanks John. I'm sort of thinking this might be a debian specific 
> problem. Not a spamassassin problem. Otherwise the configuration I
> posted 'should' be working with 3.0.x and it 'was' working with
> 3.0.x until something else happened. Like another sarge package
> updated that breaks spamc/spamd or something.
> One thing I have done since then is switched it to use the perl 
> implimentation that most people use. e.g.

I'm running the same procmail configuration I was with SA 2.4, and
I'm currently running 3.0.2.  There are some SA configuration
changes from 2.6.* to the 3.0.* versions.

See man Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf for more details

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