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Re: ugly fonts with Acrobat Reader and XPdf (pdflatex)

Rogério Brito wrote:
On Jan 22 2005, Lorenzo Bettini wrote:

mhh...  I installed tetex-base and other related latex packages...  what
fonts package should I install?

Try to install lmodern and then do a \usepackage{lmodern} in the preable of
your document.

I'd suggest something like this:

\usepackage{pxfonts} % or txfonts or lmodern or palatino or times

This way, your files generated by pdflatex will be able to use Type 1

just installing the lmodern package fixed the problem! :-)

indeed I'm using beamer so it probably tries to load the right packages
itself (the problem was probably due that the right font packages were
not installed -- in all the other distributions I never experienced this
problem, so I didn't know about the lmodern package).

thanks again!


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