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Re: ugly fonts with Acrobat Reader and XPdf (pdflatex)

Quoting Lorenzo Bettini <bettini@dsi.unifi.it>:

> Hi
> It's the first time I use these programs in Debian (I'm using them in 
> Mandrake and Gentoo and never had problems): the problem is that the 
> fonts look really bad both in xpdf and (even worse) in acrobat reader...
This is because they are using Type 3 (bitmap fonts, which are very ugly)
as opposed to Type 1 fonts.

> it looks like pdflatex is to blame: the new files I generate with 
> pdflatex in this machine are ugly, while the old ones look fine...
The blame rests with your font settings.  What fonts and font-related
packages have you installed on your system?


Roberto Sanchez

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