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Re: Pondering a mac mini.

On Jan 19 2005, William Ballard wrote:
> I think my parents would like a Mac.  I'd probably like it if I was a 
> graphic designer, musician, or video editor.  But for a grungy hacker 
> like me I just don't see the appeal.

One killer application that still doesn't have an Open Source equivalent is
iTunes. It's clean way of using metadata for organazing files and
mass-tagging files is simply amazing.

I use easytag from experimental and while it is a nice program, if it
reorganized the "music library" in a way that iTunes does would be simply
amazing. And having the ability of playing nice with an iPod would be even
nicer (I know that rhythmbox is going to be an iTunes clone, but it's still
not there).

And some things are just easier on a Mac. Despite saying that, though, I
still can't use Mail.app and feel at home with it, like I do when I'm using

So, it does have its appeal, but not everybody needs it.

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