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Re: Pondering a mac mini.

On Jan 19 2005, Robert Cohen wrote:
> You can get Fink, which includes many Debian packages, and you can
> apt-get still others.

Fink is really a deception when you are used to the care that goes into
Debian packages.

And some packages are only available in source form, which is amazingly
weird: you would think that the developers would have, at least, compiled a
version for themselves and that they could save a lot of users' time just
by uploading that to their repository.

And that's not to mention that the packages don't have changelogs (or, at
least, didn't have the last time I checked) and many packages that you'd be
used to with Debian aren't available in Fink.

I'm ignorant of the reason why they haven not used the infra-structure
already available in Debian and rolled their own hybrid packaging system,
with two commands fink (for installing packages from source) and apt-get
(for installing precompiled packages).

Given that they have already adopted the use of some Debian tools, you'd
expect them to use the entire suite of tools which have had already a lot
of effort going into and that are reasonably mature and well stablished.

And that's not to mention that they don't have things like the menu
packages which offers an updated menu after you install some package, which
is a handy thing to have, when you're mostly using a GUI.

OTOH, you can at least install Debian on it and run MacOS X within mol,
which works reasonably well for simple tasks. Or you could dual boot
between MacOS X and Debian. Or...

Hope this helps, Rogério Brito.

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