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Re: Question about Thunderbird and headers

On Tue 4 January 2005 16:29, Paul E Condon wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 03:22:30PM -0500, David P James wrote:
> > But, you can create a user.js file in the same directory as
> > prefs.js and add the following line to it (without Thunderbird
> > running):
> >
> > user_pref("mailnews.headers.showUserAgent", true);
> I'm pretty sure I created a user.js in the correct place, and -very-
> sure it contains the above line, but I see no effect on the behavior
> of thunderbird. What should this line do for me? Show me a
> 'UserAgent'? Or what?

Ya, that is correct. I just tried it now and it works here.

> I must be missing something. (user.js was placed in a subfolder of
> .mozilla-thunderbird in my home directory, and yes. all mods were
> done with tbird not running)

If it had been successful the prefs.js file would have been updated to 
include the new pref. You can try putting it directly in there.

But I would just ignore all the above and install this extension 

I was looking for something like "Show Headers" but of course I should 
have been looking for MaNy ENHancements Y. Duh. It's so obvious.

David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
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