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Re: how does mutt send?

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 20:50:10 +0100, Richard Lyons wrote:
> This may be wrong, but it seems to work.  If I add INBOX to folder, then
> when I try to navigate back to the inbox from elsewhere, and [tab] on
> the IMAP item in the list it offers me imap:.....place.net/INBOX/INBOX
> which is to say it appends {'/' . $mailboxes} to $folder.  That means that
> even if I make $mailboxes null, I still get the extra '/' and cannot
> open the inbox.  The way I did it, I can both navigate back to INBOX and
> save copies of sent mail to Sent.  It is not congruent with any
> instructions I have seen anywhere else, but it works for me.

I find that mutt works better with imap if INBOX doesn't contain
messages, but is instead a folder containing only message
folders. This way I can use the C key to browse the full folder
structure (not just the ones named by the 'mailboxes' option).

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