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Re: how does mutt send?

On Tue, Nov 23, 2004 at 11:56:31PM -0000, richard@the-place.net wrote:
> No, it didn't.  There is a message before "Sending message..." saying
> "Create Sent Y/n".  Sent does exist on the imap server, but perhaps not
> in the right place.  Maybe this is the snag.

Having a Sent folder is fine. A second Sent folder should not be
necessary, but can't really hurt.  Did you reply with `Y' on this
question?  Did it give an error?

> I tried commenting out the line in ~/.muttrc
>     set record="=Sent",
> but mutt still asked "Create Sent?"
> I tried altering it to say
>    set record="sent-mail"

Make that:
set record="=sent-mail"
set record="~/Mail/sent-mail"
or something like that.

> which is a local maildir, but it still asks about Sent.

You are getting this question about Sent when you are resuming the
postponed message, am I right? If so, then mutt remembers that this
message was supposed to go into the Sent folder. Try pressing `f' -
for Fcc, File Carbon Copy - to specify a different folder to save
in. If it gives problems, leave it empty. You message then won't be
saved, but should still get sent.

Or start a fresh message and see if sent-mail comes up in the Fcc

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