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Re: Installing

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On Sunday 03 October 2004 16:12, Kent West wrote:
> >Last week, one of you gave me the suggestion to manually insmod the
> > driver. Sounds like a great idea, and I'm *SURE* I'm missing something
> > obvious, but ... I'm running from the installer CD. Where do I get the
> > driver so that I *CAN* insmod it?
> >
> >Any and all help on getting the network up will be greatly appreciated. I
> > can only take the machine down on a weekend, so it may be a bit before I
> > can test the suggestions.
> "modpobe 3c59x" as superuser at any command-line prompt should install
> the driver.

I tried that. When the Installer failed to setup the network, I used <Alt>-F2 
to bring up a console. I entered "modprobe 3c59x" (without the quotes, of 
course) and got the error message that modprobe failed to load the module.

This card sets up and configures effortlessly with SuSE and Fedora. The Debian 
installer doesn't seem to be able to handle it at all. I've submitted reports 
on it and offered to do whatever testing was desired to help the team fix the 
problem. That was 2 weeks ago, and they don't appear interested as they never 
responded. To their credit, it is now impossible to reach the point of 
partitioning without knowing that you don't have a network, but actually 
fixing the setup doesn't seem to be a priority.

I was hoping to bring up Debian on this system, but that doesn't appear to be 
possible at this time. 
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