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Re: Installing

Michael Satterwhite wrote:

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I'm trying to get Debian up on my Dell Dimension system, but I can't get my network configured. I was going to try again last week, but then real work intruded on me.

My network card is a 3C905C-TX. It's well supported by Linux - and a reply from the installer team tells me it's supported by the installer. Can't prove it by me, though.

My network will not configure either by DHCP or manually. While in the installer, I see the card name in /etc/network/devnames. While this indicates that it knows what card it has, it doesn't get started.

Last week, one of you gave me the suggestion to manually insmod the driver. Sounds like a great idea, and I'm *SURE* I'm missing something obvious, but ... I'm running from the installer CD. Where do I get the driver so that I *CAN* insmod it?

Any and all help on getting the network up will be greatly appreciated. I can only take the machine down on a weekend, so it may be a bit before I can test the suggestions.

"modpobe 3c59x" as superuser at any command-line prompt should install the driver.

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