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Netgear WG311v2 54M wireless card - drivers, kernel?

I've just installed the appropriate source / modules (acx111) to 
drive the above card.  Having rebuilt the modules and downloaded the
(Windows XP driver) firmware for the card, it fails.  Default Debian 2.6
kernels (currently on 2.6.8 running Debian unstable) don't include some
magic wireless ingredient :(  Since I know there are developers running
the same card - can anyone talk me through the right steps to compile
a 2.6 kernel using make-kpkg and what the appropriate wireless configs
ought to be.  Single processor machine here: P4 1.6GHz with 256M of 
memory and 40G of disk. Wireless tools also installed.

2.6 kernel appears to have a whole shedload more options than early
2.4 kernels - it's honestly about that long since I last _had_ to
compile a kernel to get support for anything I have :)

Many thanks in advance,


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