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Re: NOT ANSWERED asus a7n8x built in nic and intel pro 100 S nic

At 03:28 PM 9/29/2004, you wrote:
This really sounds like you need to file a bug against debian-installer.
This is the kind of stuff they want to get fixed (especially the
crashes!) before the 'big release' which is supposed to happen any day
now. :-)

Just point me to link ... i tried looking in their bug archive before, but i dont think i found a link to post a new bug.

Ok i found the page telling me how to file a bug ... its unfortunate that most of the methods for filing a bug want me to use a debian tool to do so. If i could get the install to work or my network card to work, then maybe those would be an option. But then again if the install and network card worked, i wouldnt have a bug to file :)

The email it wants me to file is asking for a package and version #. package is debian-installer i assume. I dont know how i am supposed to find out the version though since its telling me to use dpkg ... and i dont know what .deb file to run that against anyhow.


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