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Re: Newbie first-time install advice: Highpoint Rocket 133SB

Stefan O'Rear wrote:
> > > Looking in the 2.6 tree, there are drivers supporting the Highpoint 343,
> > > 345, 366, 370, 370A, and 372.
> >
> >   Now that is helpful information!  (May I ask how and where you found
> > this, so I will bother other folks less in the future?  The sooner I can
> > become self-sufficient, the sooner I can start helping other newbies on
> > this list! ;)
> >   According to the manual for the Rocket 133SB in the retail box, the
> > Windows drivers are called HPT302.  The source code tarball provided by
> > Highpoint is called
> >
> >       hpt302-opensource-v1.2.tgz
> I suspect the (34x,3[67]x) drivers will work backwards-compatibly.

  That's a very good idea!  I'll email the folks at Highpoint and see
what they say!

> >   You make this sound pretty bad.  I wonder if the HILUX CD is as bad as
> > this.  It's a lot smaller, and has a lot of updated (backported)
> > packages for a minimal installation, which can then be finished by
> > downloading anything else desired.
> Probably not.
> The debian woody packages are dated, but still quite good.  The HILUX
> people have probably substituted something else (like Red Hat's anaconda
> or the Sarge installer, both of which can be made to work with woody)
> for boot-floppies.

  We'll see how it goes, then.  I'm scrambling as fast as I can to
finish the backup so that I can get to work on it.
  I would still like to know how you looked up the info on which drivers
were supported.  Is that info from the net, or from your system?  Which
kernel does it refer to?

Thanks again for your assistance,
Dave W.

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