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Re: creating audio-cd image from mp3/wav

* Micha Feigin <michf@post.tau.ac.il> [2004 Jul 31 08:40 -0500]:
> Read through the whole man page and some other stuff also. Audio cds
> don't have a file system, so they are not iso9660 cds. They basically
> only have the raw data stream in 16-bit stereo samples in PCM coding at
> 44100 samples/second with no header. I don't know the endianess
> though. They also need to have an integral number of blocks in length.
> I guess the solution will have to be to use sox to create the raw files
> and then write my own program to create the image or hack into cdrecord
> to enable it to dump its data to file skipping the drive commands.

Okay, Micha, that makes sense.  It was worth a guess and I hadn't seen
it mentioned in this thread.  Perhaps you need a tool that simply does
the reverse of cdparanoia, i.e. takes .wav track files and builds them 
into a CD image like PCM file.  Easy to say, perhaps not so easy to 

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